Low-Cost Physical Computing and an Amazing Experience

Physical computing is an excellent tool for teaching students how technological systems work in the real world. However, teaching programming through physical computing can be limited due to the need for basic electronics knowledge and the availability of physical devices, which can be costly for some schools.

To address this issue, Protobject has been designed, a platform that allows for the easy and immediate creation of physical computing projects without the need to purchase physical devices or have knowledge of electronics. Protobject solely utilizes smartphones, making it an easy and accessible option, as smartphones are widely available devices in most households and schools.

Protobject is the ideal solution for schools looking to teach their students programming and technological skills in an easy, simple, and fun way, through a wide variety of activities that can be conducted without the need for expensive or specialized electronic devices.

In the meantime, we invite you to check out the teacher’s guide to discover how to implement Protobject in your classes.

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