A rapid prototyping tool for internet of things and smart home


Sensing interactions with everyday objects

Protobject lets you reinvent everyday objects for developing prototypes. All you need is a smartphone and a support for it - for example a trippod.

Smartphone App

Protobject uses smartphone cameras as multi-purpose sensor for sensing objects in the environment. Install our app for Android to let Protobject work. Note that Protobject smartphone app works together with a desktop app.

Desktop App

Protobject desktop app lets you design interactions with the objects around you. Protobject can sense states (for example, door open/closed, position of a knob, level of a liquid) or generic presences (for example, a dog in its doghouse).

The Framework

Protobject let you design smart apps using web technologies. You just need a text editor to write your apps and a browser to execute them. Protobject offer a framework able to manage captured states and use them to develop your apps quickly.

Connect with Arduino

States recognized by Protobjects can be also sent to Arduino or other external components for extending prototyping capabilities. For example, you can sense the interaction with a switch through Protobject and trigger events using Arduino accordingly (for example, turning on a LED).

Prototyping examples

These are some examples of prototypes that can be designed with Protobject.

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