Do you have some problems? Read our FAQ

1. Be sure the focus of the camera is good enough. Regulate the focus through the Protobject desktop app (the button is the one next play).
2. Try a different smartphone position (e.g., place the smartphone nearer the object to recognize).
3. Be sure the smartphone is stably fixed on a support. Smartphone movements may cause recognition errors.

1. Are you sure the IP address of the camera is right? Try to connect to the camera using your browser (e.g. going to
2. Be sure the smartphone is connected to the same network of your PC. Try to connect to the camera using your browser.

1. Make sure you enabled the WebSocket connection in recognition mode.
2. Connect to the WebSocket using the address “ws://localhost:8085/” if you are using the same PC where Protobject is running. Otherwise, you have to use the IP address of the PC in which Protobject is running, e.g., “ws://”.
3. Make sure your firewall allow external connection to the port 8085.

Protobject is designed for prototyping and so, not for final systems. Although you can use Protobject for designing any kind of system, it is aimed to test systems rapidly. If you are making systems for final usages and not for testing purposes, the use of physical sensors is highly encouraged.